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Thread: Glasgow Curry Houses 1960's /70's

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    Default Glasgow Curry Houses 1960's /70's

    I have been eating curries since the 1970's and now find it very difficult to find anything like what was served up then except in all but a few restaurants. I would be as bold to say that that 95% of what is sold from the majority of restaurants and takeaways in the city today bears little resemblance to what was available back then albeit the choice of main courses could be limited to around six dishes and probably not that many more restaurants!!
    Most of the restaurants then were in the West End and from memory they were The Green Gates (reputedly the 1st in Glasgow), The Himalaya and Steak House Ten, The Agra, The Kohinoor, Shish Mahal all around Gibson St and the Shenaz in Granville St near Charing Cross dating back to 1967.

    I believe that the Glasgow restaurants had a very particular style of cooking and wondered if anyone out there in "Curryland" has any authentic recipes gleaned from that time especially for on the bone dishes? Ive been told that the reason certain curries especially Bhuna dishes had such a special taste was that the oil used to make it had been used to fry pakora in first!!......and I have had this confirmed by people that worked in the it a myth?

    Any recommendations for restaurants still serving anything like what was available back then.....please let me know!!

    I missed out one restaurant from Gibson St of that era ..anyone remember what it was called?

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    HI MM,

    Sorry I can't help you with your curry search as it's not my area but you may well be correct with the 'pakora oil'.
    It was certainly commonplace south of the border to use the 'burnt bhaji oil' in the base gravy for many years although you don't see it too often now.

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    Mate I used to eat in the Shish Mahal when it was in Gibson St.

    For what it's worth I have hunted high and low, trained with punjabi chefs and I did get very close (but hard to remember as it's so long ago and tastes and palettes change over time.

    Here's my formula:

    Glasgow curry Base
    Use blended tomato not paste, lots more than the recipes ask for....You'll need to experiment.
    Add more methi. I blend the mething leaves onto a powder and add 1 tsp per dish.

    This makes a richer, more pungent dish.

    Not sure if it'll light up your memory banks but it's much much closer to the good old days.

    Good hunting.
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