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    Default simple and easy base sauce

    This will be my first posting so i hope you like what im about to post.
    may i start by saying most base recipe's seem very complicated, to time consuming, to many ingredient's and to many spice's. to many way's of cooking them, Not profitable for takeaway's or restuarant's, For constructive critisism garlic and ginger definitely turn dish's sour, as does corriander if added in the early stages of cooking.
    This recipe is used in most t/a's and restuarant's.
    Ok here we go!

    Ingrediants: 2 good sized meduim onoin's
    2 heap tablespoon's of tomato puree
    1 quater of a pint of cooking oil
    1 star anise
    4 green cardamon's
    1 inch peice cassio bark
    1 box of mangal chicken curry powder (available at most asian store's)

    COOKING; FOR 2 PEOPLE. Peal and chop onion's, add to pan cover with boiling water. Add tomato puree and oil. Simmer until onion's are transparent. Blend mixture, this should now look like a slightly meduim to weak tomato soup and it should taste like tomato soup.(sweetish) add star anise,cardamons,cassia bark, continue to simmer stiring occasionally until the oil is visible. ( red in colour) if its not red there's not enough puree. At this stage add the chicken you require and remove when cooked, i leave it in to save time.
    once done let it stand for a while, the smell should really be noticable.


    half chopped cooking onion
    half clove of garlic
    2 teaspoon's mangal chicken curry powder

    Add about 2/3 tbls of oil to a wok or balti dish, On a medium heat fry onoin until it start's to become slightly transparent, add garlic fry until slightly brown, at this stage add 1 tbls of base sauce then 2 heap teaspoon's of mangal powder, cook for about 1 minute, add 2 ladle's of base sauce with chicken simmer for a couple of minutes, lower heat and add a good sprinkling of fresh corriander,DONE.
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    Interesting post there the ham....

    where did this recipe come from?


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    Default simple base sauce

    yeah this was mentioned to me 25 years ago when i was taking my c&g in electronic's, i was good friends with an asian guy who actually worked in a restuarant. he told me it was just onion's and paprika boiled in oil but at the time did'nt believe him but also to the fact i was nieve that a second process took place after the base sauce. until ten years ago i was still unsure how to cook them until i brought a cook book from some guy in birmingham, after that i phoned him for the proof of the pudding and delighfully he invited me to the kitchen to show me how it was made. unfortunately the cook book portraid a different recipe. The madina takeaway local to me also used the same recipe, so as did the taj tandoori.
    All i can say is try it see what you think, personally we all have different pallet's, madras, bhoona etc can still be made from this base sauce. different spice mix's can be used to suit your taste.
    mangal i can say do superb powder's already mixed at a cost of about 70p per box.
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