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    Dishes which have already been hyperlinked to recipes in this section will show in green coloured text and will contain a description where appropriate. Recipes for the remaining dishes have yet to be added to the section, and the links will be updated as and when that happens.

    Aloo Cream
    Potatoes with cream

    Aloo Gobi
    Potato and cauliflower

    Aloo Peas Bhaji
    Potato and peas

    Bean Bhaji
    Baby runner beans

    Bhindi Bhaji
    Fresh okra

    Bombay Potato
    Spicy potatoes

    Brinjal Bhaji
    Fresh aubergines

    Cauliflower Bhaji

    Chana Aloo
    Chick peas and potato (medium spicy)

    Chana Massala
    Chick peas cooked with light spices

    Garlic Mushroom Bhaji
    Garlic mushrooms

    Gobi Sag
    Cauliflower and spinach

    Kumbh Mattar
    Fresh button and oyster mushrooms with green peas in a lightly spiced curry flavoured with onion seeds.

    Matter Paneer/ Motor Ponir
    Chick peas with cheese

    Methi Aloo

    Mixed Vegetable Bhaji
    Mixture of fresh vegetables

    Mix Vegetable Curry
    Medium curry

    Mushroom Bhaji

    Sag Aloo
    Spinach with spicy potatoes

    Sag Bhaji

    Sag Mushroom
    Spinach and mushrooms

    Sag Paneer
    Spinach and cheese

    South Sabji Bahar
    Home style cooked with vegetable, spinach and mushroom

    Sukka Aloo Gobi
    A dry traditional Punjabi preparation of potatoes and cauliflower

    Tarka Dall
    Garlic and lentils cooked in ghee

    Vegetable Bahar
    Mix vegetable with spinach

    Vhindi Chatpata Charwali
    Home style cooked okra with whole cumin, chaat masala and tomatoes, finished with lemon juice.
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